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Camping 5 étoiles Espelette

Le Pavillon Royal is located only 28 km from the town centre of Espelette!

Camping Espelette 5 étoiles

Espelette is a typical Basque village that has retained all its traditions: the authenticity of the houses, its colours, its château, its wash houses…
The village is world-renowned for its peppers that crown many houses in the village.

The many shops on the shopping street offer you all the local products, and there you can taste the famous peppers!

The market on Wednesday mornings is not to be missed for bringing home some fresh peppers and other local produce.

You will be able to glimpse the Pottok, a small horse of the Basque mountains, and pay with the local currency: the Eusko.

Espelette is a very dynamic village offering a number of events: the festival of the pepper, the Pottok fair, the dance festival, Basque rural sports, the ridge run…