The ocean, green hills, mountains with a view, caves of cathedral-like decor where you can make jewels or play ludo on the walls.

Camping luxe accès plage Pays Basque

The geographical position of Le Pavillon Royal Campground makes it the ideal site for discovering the Basque Country!

And as paradise is highly coveted, some have even bickered to stay. That’s the history of the Basque Country. It’s full of stories that are themselves full of exciting twists and turns. Stories that run side by side (sometimes without touching) in entirely natural harmony, where hunters and gatherers, Roman troops, wild privateers, smugglers, royal couples, and humpback whales all mix together.

Like in Hollywood, some legendary stars have left their mark on the Basque Country. Napoleon III on the most beautiful palace in Biarritz, Louis XIV on the walls of the church of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Vauban on the ramparts of Bayonne. With or without any fuss, out of pride, love, or simply because it was the most beautiful place in the world.

So how can such a little region be the most beautiful in the world? It’s secret: harmony. The harmony of landscapes as concentrated as they are contrasting: rocky mountains decked with wild horses, green hillocks dressed with matching Basque « etxe » houses in the colours of the Bayonne festivals, beaches of soft sand that ripple to the rhythm of the ocean’s moods.

And amongst all of that, the people. Eclectic. Some the descendants of kings, others of privateers. And others, more discreet, carving whales from stone or surfing the Belharra…

There are so many Basque Countries. The one of 80 million years ago, the one of the great open spaces, and the trendier one of the coast. But, above all, there is the one of the people, the one of harmony. The most beautiful one.

Enough said – sit back and enjoy the show! Ongi etorri!