It is very important for us to know the dimensions of your facilities so that we can offer you the best campsite possible!

Generally speaking, all our campsites are:

  • Flat with grass (sand or dirt underneath).
  • Shady to sunny (rather sunnier in the « L’Océan » and « Les Ailes » sections.
  • They all offer a car park space for the caravan pitches. For the tent pitches the car parking. will be nearby or not.
  • Accessible by car or on foot.
  • Demarcated by a hedge.
  • Near a water station, electricity point, and greywater dump site.

We offer campsites for tents and caravans.

Emplacement camping bord de mer Biarritz
Emplacement camping bord de mer Bidart
Emplacement camping plage Biarritz

You will find below the different parts of the campground that you can locate on our map… Every camper will find their place at Le Pavillon Royal!


« Le Golf » is the area of choice for regulars. This section of the campground bears this name as it is located near the Ilbarritz golf course. Here you will find calm, spacious campsites in the shade of Korean mulberry trees. Separated by hedges, they have the distinctive feature of overlooking the campground and offering a lovely view of the whole area.


« La Piscine » is the area of choice for families. This section of the campground is located in immediate proximity to the pool and its paddling pool, as well as the children’s playground.

Most of the campsites located on this side of Le Pavillon Royal are shady. Access to the pool is fully secured. The pool is heated by solar cells so that it is always at a pleasant temperature. While the Basque Coast is right nearby, you might like to come here to refresh yourself. You will enjoy it just as much as the time you spend by the sea!


« L’Océan » bears its name because it is in the section of the campground closest to the beaches.

The campsites are very sunny, essentially reserved for caravans and camper vans. A number of them offer an unobstructed view of the ocean.


« Les Ailes » is the section of the campground that surfers prefer.

Its campsites are located in peace and quiet, in direct proximity to the beach, and a lot of them offer an unobstructed view of the villa of Le Pavillon Royal and the ocean.


Located at the entrance to Le Pavillon Royal and near the 32-hectare pine forest, « La Pinède » is the section of the campground with the most nature.

In the morning, it’s not unusual to cross a couple of squirrels or hoopoes perched in the trees. It’s also the place where you will keep the most cool, as these campsites are very shady. Essentially reserved for caravans and tents, this part of the campground wins the family vote.


« Le Paradis » is the highest section of the campground, giving it its dreamy name…

Exclusively reserved for tents, its middle-sized campsites are nestled in peace and quiet, in the shade of the pine trees, in an intimate setting where the teasing squirrels will sometimes throw you a few pine cones. There is no car access here, which allows you to have a real communion with nature.

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