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Chalet en location Biarritz

Le Pavillon Royal campground is only 4 km from the city centre of Biarritz!

Appartement en location Biarritz

Biarritz is a city full of resources. It is THE popular seaside resort!

Take advantage of the many golf courses, beaches for surfing or tanning, its seaside casino… stroll through its shopping streets, take the mini-train to discover the city… visit the museum of the sea…
We recommend:

The main beach, right in the city centre. A spot for surfing, tanning and shopping, and with places to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

The Basque Coast. A famous surfing spot!

The Rock of the Blessed Virgin. A magnificent view of the ocean.

It’s little fishing port and cove, below the St Eugénie church.

Restaurants and Bars: L’Eden Rock, Le Bistro des Halles, Le Bar des Commerces, Le Crabe Tambour, as well as the Etxoala Bibi bar on the Basque Coast, La Table Basque, or Le Bistrot Biarro…